PHC Licensing

A PHC licence is required to operate commercially on the estuary.

Whether it be Stand Up Paddle-boarding (SUP) tuition or a high speed trip around the bay, where a business is operating for hire or reward, an operator must first obtain permission from the Padstow Harbour Commissioners before operations may commence.

Failure to do so may result in prosecution and insurances will be nullified.

If you are thinking of starting a marine business on the estuary, a proposal will need to be submitted to the Commissioners detailing the proposed operation, area of intended use, intended vessels, associated risk assessments and any other important factors that will need taking into consideration.

Submissions can be by email, letter or in person at any PHC monthly meeting.

PHC Licencing

Padstow Harbour Commissioners want to ensure the estuary is maintained as safe as possible, including the operations which are licenced on it.

In 2022 PHC renewed the licencing policy to require all operators to be externally certified before undertaking a PHC local knowledge endorsement.

It was decided that this approach would provide additional safety to all commercial operations.

The PHC licencing guidelines detail what is required to operate commercially from the port for both owner and operator.