Seasonal Moorings

We have a variety of seasonal moorings throughout the estuary, available to use between April through October.

Inner Quay Moorings

Our most popular mooring facility with easy access via a link span walkway.

Maximum length of vessel here will be 5m.

Berths are always afloat with access in and out of the inner quay approx. 2 hours either side of every high water.

The pontoon provides good shelter from most weather conditions.

There is currently a waiting list for Inner Quay seasonal moorings.

South Dock Moorings

The South Dock Moorings offer better access than the inner quay moorings and provides shelter from most weather conditions.

Although the facility is a drying berth, approx. 3 hours either side of high water will allow access to the pontoon.

Maximum length of vessel here will be 6m, subject to availability.

There is currently a waiting list for South Dock Moorings.

North Quay Moorings

Our most recent addition is our Versadock moorings at the North Quay, replacing the previous running moorings.

What might look like an unsteady pontoon is actually a solid platform, providing 20 seasonal berths for vessels up to 6m.

Access here is approx. 3m either side of high water.

Sheltered from most inclement weather by the North Pier wall.

There is currently a waiting list for the North Quay Moorings.

Port Arthur Moorings

Our swing moorings located in the tranquil area of Port Arthur allow vessels to moor safely whilst realising better access to the estuary than most other moorings.

These moorings allow larger vessels to berth although a tender is recommended to reach your vessel when she is afloat.

Port Arthur moorings are drying berths however the seabed here is predominantly sand.

There is currently a waiting list for Port Artur Moorings.

Rock Moorings

The Rock Moorings, located on the opposite side of the estuary to Padstow, at Rock, are our most popular moorings.

A variety of moorings are available for a variety of vessel.

Maximum length of vessel is 10m in length.

A mixture of floating and drying berths will determine access to the estuary but which ever mooring you are assigned, you will certainly enjoy our beautiful estuary.

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